What Is Bodo Agreement In Hindi

At his first rally in Assam, after Parliament passed the citizenship law last December, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Friday that the signing of the Bodo agreement was a historic agreement that will bring peace to the region. You know what the Bodo 2020 peace agreement is. About 4,000 people died in the Bodo movement. This historic agreement will used a new dawn of peace, progress and prosperity in the state of Assam. This agreement is referred to as the Bodoland Territorial Region or the BTR Agreement. Let us say that two agreements have already been signed, but this time the agreement is described as great. – Prior to the agreement, the Indian government made it clear that the Assams unit would remain intact and that there would be no change to its borders. The agreement will be incorporated into the scope of the Indian Constitution. This is officially known as the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC). Following the adoption of this agreement, it was renamed the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). As part of this agreement, the BTR now has greater powers. The BTC`s 40 existing seats will be increased to 60. While the legislative, administrative and financial powers, with the exception of the Ministry of the Interior, remain in all ERTs.

Will there be an Absu movement that wants to make Bodoland a state in its own right? To this question, Pramod Bodo replies: “There will be nothing on the request of a full state. We want Bodoland to grow rapidly in the social, economic and educational fields. The aim of the agreement was to bring peace and development to the region. More than 5,000 people died during the Bodoland movement. A lot of people had to stay in prison. In this way, the atmosphere of our community was very disturbed,” says Lok Sabha MP Sharaniya, accusing the BJP: “Btc elections will be held this year and the current Council will most likely change.

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